29 August 2019

Men…are not women. Nature needs these two forces to keep life going. We women love to feel protected, no matter how strong we are. And men need our joy to feel alive. Sex is part of that joy. This will never change.
And if we mess with nature as the Chinese did, preventing girls to be born, then nature will gift men with more feminine hormones and energy to restore the balance.

19 July 2019

I’ve decided to do a series of articles in between to bitch about a movie now and then. Either bitching or raving, we shall see 😉 Yesterday I’ve watched the latest Shaft movie with my partner. I haven’t laughed this hard in a while! But obviously I’m not going to go into cinematic details of how well it was filmed or directed, let’s look at the central topic of the movie which is the embodiement of manliness and why that is – perfect for our discussions.