2 August 2019

A good friend of mine just shared an incredible experience. You see, she’s from Poland, her husband is from Greece. From the very start they were like cats and dogs, fighting all the time, but funnily enough they could agree on all the major things they both wanted in life. He clearly loves her but the fighting wouldn’t stop, not even with the cute baby they got soon after they married. She didn’t give up, she really tried to accept his ways but when her mother visited them and tried to help in the household by shopping, she had to discover that her daughter was shaking when she brought home 12 eggs instead of 6. That’s right. Why?

22 March 2019

My dear lovely people. I’ve been wondering… You know the phrase ‚for richer or for poorer‘? What does it remind you of? Well, of course, wedding wows. My partner and I are heading down that road to get married it seems. We both know we want it but I think he will only propose once he feels he has sorted out the major obstacles in his way. Like getting a decent job and hopefully getting to see his children again. One way or another, everything at the moment is a waiting game, including Brexit.

1 March 2019

Here might be the core of our miscommunication – the things which are important to each of us, are so different. And while we women scoff and turn our eyes loudly at the childish delights of our husbands (like comic books, cars, videogames, you name it), we are deeply hurt if his attention is not entirely on us, the wife, the girlfriend, and if they’re not interested in the female “nonsense”.

1 February 2019

Well, my lovely people, I will leave it up to you to judge if Netflix is doing a good job on sex education, but first they released the cartoon “Big Mouth” for tweens and now the series “Sex Education” focusing on teenagers, being really brave and accurate in their observations.