Don’t Chase Love

Cut to the Chase

We were led to believe love was a mystery, that it was impossible to understand. You’ve been wasting years trying to find a smidge of that promised happiness and the one partner who would truly get you.

We have manual instruction books for our cars, why not for love? We hire personal trainers to educate us about our bodies, why not get a book and start training those relationship muscles?

All answers in one place and a guide where to look further for an even deeper understanding.

Take a peek in the Freebies below and get a sense of what is expecting you here, in the main book, now available online for all popular ebook readers and in paperback from Amazon.

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A little something for your soul.

How to Recognise a Healthy Relationship

Basically, an excerpt from ‘Don’t Chase Love – Cut to the Chase’, with a couple of additional thoughts you won’t find in the main book. Don’t miss out on what the five main things are to look out for if you want to figure out whether you are finding yourself in a current healthy relationship or in a promising new one.

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How to Spot a Toxic Potential Partner in Five Minutes

Once you know how to recognise a narcissist, you can’t un-see it ever again. But more importantly, find out how not to fall in the trap of a toxic person.

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What is Good Sex

Talking about sex and even describing a couple of my own experiences is an attempt to open a dialogue and make everyone more at ease. After all, don’t you want to find out what is good sex for you and your partner? If we don’t know how to ask for what we desire and need, how can we make sure our partner can make us happy and fulfilled? No need to be afraid to talk about the most exciting subject in the world, let’s just dive into it.

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