31 August 2020

I’m not depressed about turning 44 or getting older. I used to be in the past at times, not this time though. I feel balanced, strong. I finally have the kind of confidence I wish I had in my twenties already. I guess we all wish for that.

15 June 2020

Imagine a guy like Trump was black. Considering the idiotic things he is saying every day – do you really think that ANYONE would have taken him seriously for five seconds, let alone voted him for president?
Obama had to be TEN TIMES the man, the person, the husband and the politician than any other man, just to have a chance at leading the US. And you can imagine same goes for Michelle Obama.

10 June 2020

Hi, I’m Dasha Schindler and author of the upcoming book “Don’t Chase Love – Cut to the Chase”. I’m doing a series of articles on relationships and in the next couple of weeks I’ll give you an insight into mine. If I’m trying to teach vulnerability, it’s only fair to show how it’s done.

8 March 2019

A new way to find to each other – through understanding history. My dear lovely people! Why I have started to organize events where men and women can exchange questions and answers in a safe way, is because after all this time of talk of equality and a time of mass communication, we seem even further away from each other than ever.