1 December 2019

Ever since the company I’m working for, hired me as a temp for a couple of additional days before New Year plus confirmed I will still be working for them in January, I noticed that I started lusting after my partner again and can’t keep my hands off him when I’m finally home.

9 August 2019

So I chatted with a lot of people, trying to understand their motivations when it came to love. I’ve found an interesting essay online about the dynamics between men and women in Latin America and I wanted to confirm if the essay was right.

15 February 2019

Well, my lovely people, Valentine’s Day is successfully(?) behind us and when it comes to the topic of sex, I will leave it up to you to judge if Netflix is doing a good job on sex education. First they released the cartoon Big Mouth and now the series “Sex Education”, being really brave and accurate in their observations.