Business, the modern battlefield of men – and what a woman like me thinks of it

Money is the measure of success these days, especially for men. Well, that’s what the world has geared them towards, that manliness equals success, right?

Well, to me it seems, it’s not just the money, but the challenge of how badly can you screw someone over, that contributes to the sweet sweet feeling of victory and to that release of endorphins.

Look, I get it, I totally do. I’ve been observing men in banking as their assistant for 13 years now. And for another 10 years in other businesses before that as well.

Of course, banks can be great investors in amazing projects, I’m not disputing private equity companies for example.

But while I was working at Goldman Sachs on the trading floors, surrounded with all the buzzing and pinging and shouting, I witnessed something hilarious.

Suddenly one of the traders who just finished a call with a client, turned around to his colleagues and laughed very loudly, saying: ”If my poor old religious mother only knew how much I lie to my customers every day, she would disown me.” And everyone else laughed as well.

Sorry, but you can’t blame the guy. It’s how this business world is built, it’s what everyone else has agreed to as well. The bankers can only do what they do and HAVE TO do what they do because of the greed of business people out there, who create the demand for such a market.

Anyway, how does the business world influence my romantic relationship at home?

For the past two years all my resources went into my relationship because my man had an idea how to improve the world so everyone could be a winner. Including the clients.

I’m with my husband because we are ethically aligned, I want to work on improving communication between men and women, and he built secure communication platforms which would give us all our privacy back. There is more to it of course, I’ve told you previously, he’s a genius.

A genius with a strong moral compass – luckily.

A genius who doesn’t feel the need to prove himself as a man on the business battlefield in terms of money or screwing anyone over.

A genius who absolutely doesn’t mind conflict but he doesn’t live for it.

If anything, he tries to exercise (not prove, he’s got nothing to prove) his manliness by being there for others. 

God how I love having a true alpha man!! So sexy!!! 

Here is where it gets absolutely hilarious.

Now that he’s looking for investors, as much as they obviously understand the huge profit they could make by investing in my husband’s project, a product which is already up and running and out there – now the games have commenced.

But here’s the thing. His company is all about transparency and ethics. And he will tolerate nothing less.

Of course he understands the business game and what investors are trying to do, but what the investors don’t understand (and they would in five minutes if they researched him) – my man can not be pressured, coerced or played with in any way.

This was our conversation this morning:

My husband: “Yet another crisis to handle.”

Me: “Well, that’s our life now, we will always have some fire to put out, a crisis to deal with. Even once you have the investment on board, then it will be the company to be built, people to be hired and people always mean some form of crisis. We better get used to it right now and not moan about it.”

My husband: “You know what? I’m more than happy to drop it all and go back to a normal life, just you and me, hopefully the kids, some normal job and have our peace and quiet.”

I laughed: “Look, no problem, we can always do that. But our projects, they are a challenge, you’ve got to have fun with this or it’s pointless.”

Funnily enough I didn’t even flinch and think ‘Hey, I’ve invested so much of my money into it, we can’t drop it now.’ 

Why? Because money really doesn’t matter at the end of the day, not to us. I’ve supported his project because it gave hope for a better world, soon. 

Because no matter how much money we should perhaps earn some day through our projects, we will invest everything back into our environment, into the people, into jobs, into free education for everyone. What else should we do? No person on this planet has use for more than 100,000 pounds or dollars a year. Not really. Certainly not us. So what else should we do with any profit than invest back into the future?

Don’t forget, my man has four children, he is trying to contribute to a better world for them. He will not contribute to the mess that is already out there.

So here is what I’ve decided. Two options.

First, I’ll still try to help find an investor because it would be great on one hand if his project could be finished properly this year.

I speak German, I’ll go out there right now and look for a European sales person for the B2B end of things, and approach further investors and I won’t stop until I find people who are aligned with our kind of thinking:

A non-bullshit, transparent, direct, you-get-what-you-see kind of approach.

Second, if that falls through, that’s absolutely fine, I’ll focus on getting my new book out there and market the hell out of it and once I’ve earned enough money, I’ll be the major investor in my husband’s company and then all profits will stay in our hands which is the best thing anyway, total control of re-investing the profits ethically.

It will take more time but hey, you’ve gotta love life, it’s something to do at the end of the day. 

Or…we drop the whole thing, do what everyone else is doing and focus on our small but very happy lives and live happily ever after.