Happy New Year

to all the Loving People out there.

I have this little tradition on New Year’s Day which is – do all the things on the 1st January that I would like to be doing all year.

Maybe I should actually say – “that I should be doing” all year if I wanted to feel good about myself and proud and sexy and…you get the gist:)

First of all of course I can’t be drinking on the night before and I never do. Even though usually I will go out for a party to be surrounded by people, I will only drink the little bit at midnight if there is a glass of bubbly around.

Today I had only a couple of things on my list at first: do some sports, make love to my boyfriend (I definitely want to be doing THAT as much as possible this year!) and finish cutting a little video of this brilliant artists I interviewed a year ago (shame on me for not finishing that one sooner!).

In other words, I want to get fit this year, really fit, join a martial arts club and become Catwoman for real lol.

I want this year to be full of love and I must admit, I waver between being excited to move in with my boyfriend and being afraid. I haven’t lived with anyone in quite a long time actually.

But most importantly, this year I want to get out of my freaking shell and just DO all the things which are important to me and find a way to quit my office job soon. I love doing interviews, which means I need time to cut the videos. I need to find a way to be able to regularly host my communications game for men and women because that is most fun of all. I need to find an editor for my book on love so you can all finally read it. There is so much to do!

And what HAVE I done so far today? It’s nearly midday, so:

⁃ I could already tick off making love at midnight because we stayed at home and this is how we slid into the New Year lol.

⁃ After finally getting up this morning, I did some yoga. Sports – ticked off. Will probably do some more later.

⁃ Here are additional ones: meditated before I got dressed.

⁃ Another additional one: we got an early guest today and he smoked up the kitchen which I absolutely hate but I didn’t blow up and became bitchy towards my boyfriend. I promised myself generally and especially for today to always be nice and watch myself not to make any stupid dismissive jokes I lately started to do, but I didn’t think I would be challenged so early on if I can uphold that behaviour. I quickly went out to the shops, calmed the heck down and decided to nicely talk to his friend and also address the smoking. I managed that and in the end my boyfriend ended up apologising because he actually should have known better. After we all apologised and settled this nicely, it ended up being a nice talk. I wonder why we women become so bitchy at times? I really don’t like myself in those moments and am finding ways to react more civilised.

⁃ My honey made an omelette for me this morning as he promised yesterday he would.

⁃ I ate the mandarins as I planned – healthy food and no crisps today! (I ate faaaar too much junk food this weekend anyway.)

⁃ Am almost finished writing a little piece for my MeetUp group and now I will go and finish cutting that video and I’m DONE:)

Should be finished by 3pm, yeay! I haven’t felt this productive in a long time I must say. I’ve been far too focused on the stupid news, Brexit, no Brexit, but who cares anymore? What will be, will be. I can’t control the outcome of political decisions but I know I will be able to deal with any outcome anyway. And more importantly, the thing I meditated on today – only focus on the things that matter to me.

I wish there was a button where one could just switch off ‘fear’. The things we could achieve if we weren’t afraid and held back by our fears!

And imagine the things we could easily discuss and harmonise with the people we care about or any people for that matter, if there was no fear of rejection or any kind of pain. The world is rushing to develop an AI but we wouldn’t need an AI at all if science helped us to lower our unnecessary fears.

I hope some scientist out there made that his/her new year’s resolution:) But until we get some help from science, all we are left with is our own courage.

I wish you a Happy and a Brave New Year!!


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