What to do when the world is trying to throw women back in time?

November 2020.

Today anti-abortion law… Next will be enforced vaccinations.

In the UK they have already been discussing sterilising the poor. That goes for MEN as well!!! Don’t think this time the world of the greedy and powerful will stop at us women.

Let me explain.

I wanted to add this text to my book before I would publish it because now that they have passed the anti-abortion law in Poland and the USA is actively trying to send us women back into the dark ages across the world, the message of this book will seem pointless. (I’m publishing this text on my website instead so it can’t be touched.)

The message in my book was supposed to be: “Be nicer to our men, appreciate them!”. But as I keep saying:

We women can only do what I suggest in this book if we feel safe in our rights and are on equal ground.

And why do certain countries go against abortion times and again? Because then we women will be enraged, against ALL men, not just the few idiots who forced this on us, but the men at home. And as we are fighting with each other, we forget to fight those, who are keeping us poor, miserable and abused.

We all know “Game of Thrones”, I’ve actually read the books. The phrase “Winter is Coming” always carried that heavy prediction of not just hard times but the end of the world. When certain characters were reporting about the White Walkers, no one would believe them… Sound familiar? What I’m saying now, you will dismiss until the day it’s too late.

“Winter is Coming…” This is the North telling the South that the South has no idea what hardship is. In our actual world it means that those of us who have been through hell, are telling the rest of you, “You have no idea what is coming. It will BE the end of the world as we know it.” And this is how it felt to me yesterday, when my husband handed me this article:


We all know half of the US states have already passed anti-abortion laws and no one blinked.

Now Poland actually has passed the law in Europe. Women are fighting in Poland right now and are being brutalized by the police. (BLM, sound familiar?)

And now (in all fairness not the USA but Trump, who unfortunately is representing the USA) is actively encouraging other countries to join the anti-abortion declaration. 30 countries have already joined. For the first time a Christian country has joined forces with Muslim countries.

Do you really think it will stop there? What’s next? Stripping us women of our right to vote again? Sending us back to the kitchen? Burning us at the stake if we dare have an education? Really?!

And then what’s next? We already have human trafficking/slavery which is bigger in numbers than it was ever before in history. The governments and all other people who think they are above us, they don’t even pretend any longer that they need “other” people to be enslaved. They are not going across the ocean to enslave black people. No, no, no! They have been doing it for decades right under our noses with our own people, our own sons and daughters! I have gone deeper in the subject in some of the chapters in my book “Don’t Chase Love – Cut to the Chase”.

But let me share the links to some facts right now so you understand how serious this has been for a long, long time. OUR OWN DAUGHTERS AND WOMEN are being sold or snatched into sex slavery. And OUR OWN HUSBANDS are being exploited in the construction industry! This is not some fiction or distant future; it’s happening right now, in our own countries! Have a look for yourself.



My lovely people, what will be next?

My dear men who I’ve learned to appreciate so much: Do you really think they will stop with us women? If we don’t manage to act against it now, YOU will be next, all of us!

The Covid situation has given perfect pretext to keep us all indoors while right-wing governments are taking over the once free Western world everyone loved so much.

Generations before us died in the French revolution and in countless other revolutions before that, so we wouldn’t have to be serfs and slaves any longer. They have died for an eight-hour workday which “those leading us” have already sneakily increased to a minimum of 60-100 hours a week instead of 40.

And if we let the governments take away the women’s right to control her body, next will be enforced vaccinations.

And anyone resisting an enforced vaccination, might be stripped of their reproductive parts. Why not? Dear men, tell me why not? If the governments feel in their right to force on a woman to have a child even when she’s been raped or the child is defective, leaving her in need and alone with the care and no hope of educating her child, ending up in prostitution or forced labour herself, if not her, then the child down the road… (by the way, dear men, these will be your daughters and grand daughters as well).

…if the governments will feel they can put us in danger like that, what makes you think, they wouldn’t dare chop off your balls at some point because you were ‘disobedient’? Or throw you into a cage like they’re already doing with the Mexicans? Or send you to ‘work camps’ to be re-educated just as they do in China? Or as they are doing in agriculture and constructions around the world. And not in some distant countries, but right in the middle of London in the UK! My husband has seen it first hand when he took on a job as a labourer.

I can’t believe Trump’s wife comes from Slovenia! And Slovenians were oh so proud of a Slovenian First Lady… It didn’t matter who she married, as long as she “made it”.

Why do you think I left my country? Because it has a history of serfdom and most Slovenians have no balls to stand up to a fascist who has yet again been put in power. I’m not exaggerating. I wish I was! A fascist who was in prison not that long ago and has ruined our country. And he’s back in power!!! It blows my mind. What is happening???

But…”better the devil you know, right?” WRONG!!! How many times more will we let the old generations screw with us like this?!

There are MILLIONS OF US, and only a few thousand of them. What are we afraid off? Oh, dying because they would shoot at us? But would they? I don’t think the US Army would ever fire at the very civilians they swore to protect. The police might, the police have been invented to protect the rich in the first place (know your history!). Laws were invented to protect the rich as well.

Time to change that! Especially since we have plenty of younger people who could run this world much better but don’t get the chance because the old are holding on to power for dear life. As always…

So what do I suggest? There are many peaceful ways to bring these arrogant bastards to their knees. Let’s remember, it’s not our men at home who are doing this, they are just as screwed as we women are, at times more, believe me, I explain that in this book.

I suggest a couple of peaceful ways which would have very quick results. We stop buying things, right now! All of us, for a month. Yes, a month. And then another if needed. And another…

These rich bastards don’t care about us but THEY need us, not the other way around. WE have the power, not THEM.

Yes, the economy will collapse, let it! There are many ways to rebuild it and much better, so that every single one of us can have a good basic income. This is not some dream, it has been done before. A Canadian model in the past has already proven that it works. But the next conservative government has buried the results of that which only came to light recently because a female scientist dug it out.

Don’t buy ANYTHING that you don’t sorely need to eat. That’s the first thing we can do.

Second thing: LADIES! All of you who can afford it, pack your bags and LEAVE the countries. Which countries have signed the declaration? Here is the list.

Cosponsors of the anti-abortion declaration were:

USA, Hungary, Brazil, Egypt, Indonesia, Uganda.

The others who signed are:

Poland, Bahrain, Belarus, Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Djibouti, Eswatini, Gambia, Haiti, Iraq, Kenya, Kuwait, Libya, Nauru, Niger, Iman, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Sudan, United Arab Emirates, Zambia.

You can really see it’s mainly the countries who are still heavily governed by a religion, be it Christian or Muslim. But many of those African countries must be just kissing ass. I really want to see African women putting up with this bullshit.

I’m really disappointed not only in Poland but Brazil. Hungary doesn’t surprise me, they’ve been heading for a fascist government for a while now.

So where could these women go? I challenge the neighbouring countries to open your doors and give any woman a new home who doesn’t want to live in an oppressive regime. Not just the countries but the people. We need to help each other.

Let’s see how these countries would do without their female population! Without half the work force and without the hope of any new babies whatsoever. (Damn, I’m mad, you can tell, right?! I just can’t stop crying either.)

In Europe, I would suggest Polish women pack their bags and take a vacation for two months in Greece or up north in Sweden, because their men are already deeply chauvinist and are probably rejoicing at these new laws. Poland has not only passed the law of anti-abortion, but has also legalised wife and children battering at home. (I know these things because I have many Polish friends and I’ve been to Poland myself. There are always some great men, but most of them unfortunately are very behind their times, just like in the Middle East or many African countries.)

If Poland could go this far, do you really think it will stop there? The USA have already shown us that Poland isn’t the only country which is going back in time.

So, Polish women need to show their men what life would look like without them. Just…leave, ladies. (And don’t try to come to the UK, we are heading for the Dark Ages ourselves if Trump won this election.)

And in the USA, I suggest (because it’s just such beautiful irony and symmetry if you did it), Ladies, take your men and go to Mexico. Where in Mexico? The Yucatan Peninsula, it’s a safe place. Sure, don’t run around at night alone, but that’s true for most places. The dangerous part of Mexico is the one over the boarder to the US, the north. But the rest is so beautiful, and the people are amazing! Take your money and spend it in Mexico, the people there will love it. I’ve been there for six months and would live in Mexico in a heartbeat if I could.

The Mexicans could show you support, and you could show them support, given the bullshit they have to endure in the USA right now, having to be afraid for their lives every day.

Yes, I’m suggesting to take your men with you, they have done nothing wrong and they don’t deserve to be punished.

Unless, my gentlemen, you want to stay at home and fight for our rights one way or another. Up to you.

If Mexico doesn’t appeal so much, go to Canada of course.

Canada and Mexico, open your boarders, offer asylum. This IS a political emergency.

So, you can do two peaceful things right now:

  1. Stop spending your money at home, maybe even stop paying your mortgages, your bills, everything. Why bust your ass off at work to pay bills when the governments have already demonstrated in this Covid situation that they won’t protect us?
  2. Or leave the country if you can. Help your fellow woman to leave if she doesn’t have the money.

Do you know the history of the UK? Poor people and children were being exploited in WorkHouses under the pretence of “taking care of them”.

This is where we are heading to right now, in the UK, and all over the world. And because the rich in the UK have never had a problem to exploit their own people, the citizens here are not really used to rebel or say something. Unlike the French…

We need that French attitude!

And now I would like to dispute the so called “reasons” for the anti-abortion declaration, given that they claim they are doing it in order to protect life and to protect the families and they have the audacity to still claim we women have equal rights and nothing has changed (yes, I’ve read the paper).


Don’t be fooled by the flowery words! I will tell you what the consequences of “trying to protect life and the family” actually means in real life:

I grew up in Slovenia, just like Trump’s Melania. Only Melania is six years older than me. She and I grew up in a country which after WWII has automatically given women the right to vote and to govern her own body.

That’s right. In Ex-Yugoslavia women didn’t have to fight for that right, it was given to them while in the rest of the world women had to still fight deep into the 70’s.

And now a government Melania married into, is trying to take that away. I really fear for my countrywomen in Slovenia and the rest of Europe. Because if it seems that Melania is supporting anti-abortion, it will be blatantly abused by other countries.

My country offered more than just women’s right to vote and the right to plan her family. It encouraged women to get an education and to work. It celebrated them!

That’s not all, wait for it!

We had FREE education (and still have to this day). We had free childcare, really good free medical care and some of the best universities in the world.

Melania quit Uni after one year and decided to leave Slovenia to succeed as a model. Hey, nothing against that. But she had OPTIONS. These are steadily going away, everywhere, it’s like this cancerous disease, spreading…

How many options do the so called “free people” of the United States have? Or the “so called” free people here in the UK?

Education is very expensive and only for the privileged and with every year more so.

The USA doesn’t have good medical care and the UK is stripping away its own, selling it to the US.

Not to talk about the rising numbers of poor people and broken families, increasing police brutality and imprisonment.

What does all that mean for the current and future families if we agree with the anti-abortion declaration today?

It means:

Let’s say that a young woman has made a mistake and became pregnant before she could even try and study, maybe there was a condom mishap. She will now have to choose either a poor life for her and the child, because without an education she won’t be able to get a good job and will stay stuck in the poorer areas of life.

Or, if she refuses to go down that road, she will look up an illegal way to rectify her situation and risk death. Because THAT’s what happens. Remember “Dirty Dancing” where the dancer almost died when trying to have an illegal abortion? That wasn’t just a movie. Throughout history women have always found a way to control their lives, and if there wasn’t a professional legal way, they would look for the dangerous illegal one.

So what’s next? Will they stop producing the pill? Will they stop producing condoms just to force us to have more children?

You know what many African women do given that they have to deal with a deeply chauvinist system? They simply refuse to ever get married. They stay alone, get an education, work, have no children. It’s an option.

Which option will we choose?

And if all peaceful ways of showing the world what it would look like without the beauty of the female energy and our help and our work and care don’t yield results?

Well, then I hope we women will unite with the men who care about us and with all the rest of the abused world and bring about the REVOLUTION.

If you’re afraid to die for what’s right, think of it like this:

Why are we women more readily prepared to die on some butcher’s table to have an abortion, when abortion is prohibited, than to fight and die for our rights? Why do we ALWAYS rather punish ourselves in the process as well as the men who are trying to love us, instead of storming the governmental bodies?

And people wonder why I never had children… THIS is why. I love my unborn child too much to bring it into THIS grim future prospect of an Eternal Winter.

Look, I will fight for you! For you beautiful women and you amazing men out there. I’m not WonderWoman unfortunately, but I will go to arms if needed and die for you. And my husband knows that and is prepared to stand by my side. We are doing TikTok videos on how to defend yourself.

What will it be, my dear lovely people?

Think! Think hard – and then DO something. Organise yourselves, train self-defence in front of The White House and the UN in New York, prepare for a fight or boycott – but please DO something!

And now to the actual book. It still has value I believe, even in the darkest times. Why? Because if we learn to love each other and unite, we stand a better chance to fight the injustices of this world. Thank you for listening! NOW, LET’S DO THIS!

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